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Millions of Americans are in danger of losing their homes because of federal and local limits on evictions expiring, a growing body of research shows.

A report issued this month from the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) and the University of Arizona estimates that 6.7 million households could be evicted in the coming months. That amounts to 19 million people potentially losing their homes, rivaling the dislocation that foreclosures caused after the subprime housing bust.

The foreclosure crisis has been a nightmare for many homeowners over the last several years, more than 5 million of whom have lost their homes.  Many of these ex-homeowners are middle class people with jobs and safety nets, and have become renters or traded down for more inexpensive homes after losing their primary residences.  But for the very poor, options are limited, and the situation is dire.


Please read carefully; especially if you are one of millions in this situation.

Using data from the Commerce Department’s American Community Survey, the advocacy group found that for every 100 extremely low income families, there are only 30 affordable units available for rent nationwide.  The number of these ELI renters grew by 500,000 between 2013 and 2019, to 12.8 million, or nearly a quarter of all the renters in the U.S. 

Extremely low income renters are defined as families that earn less than 30% of the median income in their metropolitan area. These people typically depend on government assistance to buy food and health care as well. But the danger with these types of renters is that after paying their rent, these households will have less than 50% of their income remaining to spend on food, medicine, transportation and childcare.

What we’ve seen is a decline in the home-ownership rate since 2008, and we’ve seen rent being pushed up, pushing market-rate housing out of reach for an increasing number of people.  The gap between supply of affordable rental housing and demand from extremely-low income borrowers exists in all 50 states, but the problem is worst in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Michigan.  Where you have the biggest problems is where you have the biggest difference between rich and poor.

The imbalance comes at a time when the federal government, hobbled by budget deficits and deadlocks in Congress, is unlikely to increase its support for poor renters.  In the 2019 budget, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development showed that it was requesting just $2 billion for the production of affordable housing for low- to extremely low-income families and disabled people, and reported that there is a $26 billion shortfall in the agency’s capital needs.


The bottom line is, as more and more low-income people demand inexpensive rental housing, the market and the government are increasingly unable to meet their needs.

Of course, many low-income people turn to government programs other than publicly-built housing, such as rental assistance and housing voucher programs. But the other big fear is that more people will fall into homelessness or be forced to double up with family members or live in substandard conditions.


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My true story: 

I lost my job, then lost my bank account (overdrawn), then lost my car and finally I lost my apartment (evicted).  After losing all that, I gained bad credit.  I had been legally homeless for three years; staying with friends and relatives in their extra rooms or on the sofa. After I finally got another job, I tried getting another apartment, but of course that wasn't possible; having an eviction and bad credit. I ended up in Intown Suites (an extended stay facility).  I couldn't live there forever, but I had nowhere else to go, so I gave them $200 a week for two years.  The worse part about all this, I am a single mom with a young daughter.  I had to make a change, I had to figure it out, I had to make something happen; and I did.  I invested a total of $107 on a Friday and one month later I was in a house.  NO LIE.  Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done.

Have you been searching and wishing for a home after going through foreclosure or some other difficult circumstance?  Have you been turned down after applying for an apartment or some other housing?

Banks and lending institutions will make you jump through hoops and make you give your first born before they give you a bad credit home loan; they could care less about your situation and they will not help you. Yes, there are other programs out there for purchasing a home with bad credit, but they too involve you trying to acquire a loan and some kind of major down payment.


There was just no help for the poor and those who had lost everything – UNTIL NOW. There is a way to buy your own "rent to own" home without getting a loan right away and next to nothing down payment. A program the banks and lending institutions don't want you to know about and they will not tell you about it. Real estate investors acquire homes using this method all the time. I learned the method to acquire my house and you will too. So stop relying on the government and financial institutions to create your destiny. Take control and do it for yourself.

What makes this program unique from other home buying programs?

1. You can use the program IMMEDIATELY; you'll be finished reading the material in only a few hours. Of course, it's a good idea to reread and review the information to get a better understanding -- but the fact of the matter is, if you put the program to use immediately, you can be in your own "rent to own" home in a matter of days, without a credit check, and for $10 down.

2. You will receive SPECIFIC instructions. With the “Ten Dollars Down” program you will get everything you need to regain or to get for the first time home ownership. (You'll learn exactly what to say -- on the phone and during your meetings. Get all forms you will need to fill out, how to instructions and where to legally file them.) You can be in a home in a matter of days, not months. 


My total investment was $107; price of program/training and just $10 down. One month later I was in my home on my own terms. $107 was affordable for me at the time and all the money I had to spend in order to move-in my new house.

Again, I spent $97 for the program/training and put $10 down for my house; therefore I invested a total of $107, but you can get "Ten Dollars Down" for so much less.


I know a lot of people can't afford even a $100; and living from paycheck to paycheck is just that; meaning there is no extra $100 to spend. But remember, you must have a steady and dependable income to be able to make monthly mortgage payments once you get your own home for just $10 down.

So if you have a job or steady, dependable income (able to make monthly payments) and can spare an investment of just $37 ($27 for program/training and $10 down) into the home you need and want, then you don't have to look any further. "Ten Dollars Down" will put you into home ownership in a matter of days.

Very Important Note:  "Ten Dollars Down" also teaches you how to make money in real estate, but most importantly, it teaches you how to get your own home first and foremost; if you never invest in real estate ever. But think about this, once you are stable in your new home, Real Estate Investing is a new career to consider. 

I want the opportunity to impact your life in a positive way, and I am rock-solid committed to not letting money stand in the way of your dreams coming true. I took the same experience and tools I used to buy my home and created a manual for others to do the same at a cheaper price.

If you are serious about changing your living situation and want to buy you and/or your family a home with just a ten dollar bill and no credit check, please take the time to order below.  It will be the best investment you will make.

Please note: There are no special licenses required with this program and yes it's perfectly legal in all 50 United States, Canada, Australia, the UK and any other country which has a free-market economy.


“This was completely amazing for us, and for the first time we felt like we had an option...after getting our dream house with just $10 down, we now have the possibility to be able to get involved in real estate with no hassles from banks!!! FREEDOM! We wish you the best... sincerely! We are so happy you are making this program available for all folks like US who need it!”


Tracy and Steve, Ohio

"I was packed and ready to move with relatives 2000 miles away. A friend mentioned getting houses for $10 down and of course I was skeptical, but the joke was on me. It appears your program saved me from having to leave my home town and I didn't have to quit my job; you helped me buy a home I desperately needed and I thank you. Thanks for your willingness to share and for your efforts in helping others to 'live the dream.'

Stephen, Florida


"My family was homeless, living out of our van. We tried everything to get housing, but there was no help, at least we thought there wasn't. We didn't qualify for loans or had any down payment. We were always looking for rentals we could afford; then we read about "Ten Dollars Down", and that changed our lives. We currently live in a 4 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood. Blessings to you for letting people know there are other options out there for people like us."
The Grants, Michigan

Information and training on acquiring homes with no credit check and only $10 down through other sources requires everyone to pay at least $97; but again, I am trying to allow anyone who wants to get their own "rent to own" home with no credit check and just $10 down the opportunity to do so without having to sacrifice other obligations..


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