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When we will get through this coronavirus pandemic no one knows for sure. What we do know is that once we get to the other side, and we return to something of a normal life, we will, or at least we should, no longer take some simple things for granted. And one of those simple things is travel.

Paid To Go On Vacation



Travel is an 8 trillion dollar industry and Paid To Vacation enables you to run a successful business right from the comfort of your home with the most exciting product worldwide. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a retiree, doctor, student, or one of the millions of full time, hardworking, yet underpaid and under-appreciated employees, Paid To Vacation gives you the opportunity to become financially independent by working your own home based business with all the tools, training and support you need to become successful.
         *** Work From Home
         *** Run Your Own Business
         *** Get Out Of Debt
         *** College Education
         *** Dream Home or Car
         *** Help Your Parents Financially
         *** Early Retirement
         *** Go On Dream Vacations Whenever You Want and Get Paid Doing It!

Give Yourself The Ultimate Reward
Start Your Own Home Based Travel Business

Travel to Places Like Atlantis

To Sydney

To Brazil


Learn How You Can Get Paid To Plan Vacations To Special Events
As A Certified Travel Agent Or Group Travel Coordinator
No License or Certification Required


There are two things I really love about this business. The first thing that I love is that I get to travel to exciting destinations, events, parties and meet new people every single month. Your potential customer base is huge. Just about everyone loves to travel or has the desire to do so. The second thing I love about it is that this is a business that sells itself. You don’t really have to try and hard sell anyone. You just tell people that you are going to a special event like the Super Bowl or to an exotic island destination like Aruba and you immediately get questions and offers from people who want to go with you.

If you can grab at least 10 people; friends, family members, church members, club members or co- workers and convince them to go with you to the Bahamas, a Cruise, a Festival, Cancun, an Awards Show or a hundred other events and places, then you should be getting paid as a travel organizer/coordinator. Did you know that the hotels, travel agencies, airlines and etc. will give you huge discounts, free rooms and money if you can find at least 10 people (club,group) to travel to a specific place?

If you don't mind looking up flight and hotel packages and helping others travel with you, then this is the career for you. (You will also learn how you can get someone else to do all the work for you; for free). There are also travel packages already available; just gather your group, book and go!

Note:  If you don't want to travel with your customers, you also will have the option to offer them travel at a discount and still be able to make money off of each traveler just staying at home. Everything is explained in Paid To Vacation.


Here Are A Few Of The Travel Packages
Already Available You Can Earn Money With


Kentucky Derby
In Louisville, Kentucky

Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association
Charlotte, North Carolina

Harrah's Casino
New Orleans, Louisiana (Above and Below)
Essence Music Festival


Cancun, Mexico

If You Love The Outdoors and Horses, Why Not A Dude Ranch

In Alabama or Louisiana

In Indio, California

Dinner Cruises

Walk The Red Carpet At Award Shows

And Many Many More To Choose From or Create Your Own


There are thousands of people in every city who would love to travel to the different events that's going on all the time around you. The problem is that they don't know about the events, they have no one to travel with, no way to get there and most importantly they want to make sure they have a good time with others from the same area.

Did you know you can charter a bus for special trips; such as, NFL Games, Ski Trips, College Football Games, Girlfriend Getaways and more. (This is a perfect income generator for college students.) You call the charter bus company in your area. You ask how much to charter a bus to a specific event. They give you a price per person. You charge a fee for everyone to ride on your party bus to a specific event.

Let's say you have 100 people on your bus. You charge $100 per person. The bus cost you $60 per person. You have $40 profit per person. Multiply $40 x 100 people and you just made $4000, some nice pocket change for that one event. 

Now, can you see the potential income if you had just one event per month? Let's say two events?

Everything will be explained in Paid To Vacation about bus trips, flight trips, hotel packages and how you can profit per person traveling.

Travel  To Football Events

Basketball Events

Baseball Events


Discover the 'Secret' on How to 'Travel' Like an 'Insider'
And Get 'Paid' While Doing It


Now before you get involved with any business, you should have a 10 point checklist to determine if a business is right for you. Here is my personal list:


1.) You should have the choice to work full or part time.


2.) You should be able to work out of your home.


3.) It should be extremely easy to make money


4.) Very profitable (makes you a nice sized income)


5.) Very easy set up. (No special skills needed)


6.) Offered no competition. Every single Paid To Vacation Business is 100% different.


7.) Low investment cost (under $50.00 to get your business started)


8.) No fancy equipment needed.


9.) A business you could be proud to tell others about.


10.) Most Important – The business has to sell itself. You don’t want a business where you seem pushy. This is a business where all you have to do is tell people you are going on a vacation to an event and offer for them to join you. That is all you do.


If you have always dreamed about living the good life, having fun, meeting new people, being your own boss and traveling to exotic islands, then this career is for you. I have been a part of this type of business since 2010. That was the exact day I quit my job and have enjoyed life to the fullest traveling and living like I won the lottery.


This is NOT about being a travel agent. I am not an agent and I do NOT have any type of license. This is NOT about being a tour guide. That takes too much effort, time, knowledge and energy. This is not about any type of network marketing or bringing people into some sort of recruitment business. You are going to actually go on trips with people and have fun at the same time. You can do this part time or become full time and hit the six and seven figure numbers like many of my friends have.


We have partnered with the leading global online travel company to enable leisure and business travelers to research, plan and book a broad range of travel products. (Free software, worth over $500)

You can have access to all the resources and software to book airlines, hotels, cars and special vacation packages. Our travel events are special because the rates for all hotels and travel packages are at maximum price due to high demand.

We can get you started within 24 hours. 


STOP Making Another Boss

Financially Independent

And Start Making Yourself

Financially Independent




Just click on the Buy Now button below. Paid To Vacation is just $27 to access the training materials, software and how to videos to run your business; no other monthly fees ever.

You will have immediate access to your Paid To Vacation blueprint, software training access, and a FREE 10-page travel checklist.


Give travelers what they want. With our robust search capability, you will be able to quickly find and put together a travel package that your customers are looking for. Save precious time - use our save itineraries feature to avoid repeating searches you've already done in the past. Start annual trips you can make every year.

How do you get assistance with existing reservations? Our customer care team is available 365/24/7 to help you with questions on existing reservations

Cabin Getaways

Ski Getaways

Amusement Park Getaways


Only $27 To Start Your Own Travel Business ~ Work From Home ~ And Get Paid Doing It!

For less than $80 ($27 for your blueprint; software and only $50 to actually begin your business), you can start and operate your own travel business from home. Fast start: Just choose an available travel event package you would like to travel to, invite all your friends/associates, collect your fees, enjoy your profit and have fun on your vacation. Start earning thousands per month today.

Purchase Today and Receive

A FREE 10-Page Travel Checklist

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I purchased paid to vacation in early 2018. They were a top travel company then and are even more so today. Their integrity and entrepreneurial training have enabled me to build my own travel company, the most favorable one available in this area. I would highly recommend paid to travel for any home based travel business startup.
~ K. Griffin

I would like to say that I am very excited with this opportunity. The training is awesome and I love the fact that I have access to a top notch travel software that practically does everything for me. I have tried other business startups but for the first time I feel like I have the tools in front of me to be successful. My first trip was very profitable, thanks.
~ T. Nelson

After my husband spoke with a friend at great detail about Paid To Vacation, he was so impressed, he decided to go ahead and purchase. I am in the process of getting my clients and “advertising” myself to family and friends as well as my network of people. I already have five clients that I’m booking reservations for. I’m so happy and pleased with your service and training. It’s incredible the customer support that you give out through your customer care team.Thanks again.
~ M. Kelly

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 *** The Paid To Vacation 30+ Page Step By Step Blueprint (Ebook). Read It Tonight and Start Your Business Tomorrow.
 *** Access To The Global Travelers Software. (Worth over $500)
 *** The Paid To Vacation 10-Page Travelers Checklist. (Checklist For Every Trip and Destination)
 *** Also As A Bonus: The Paid To Vacation Travelers Guide. (Places To Go and Things To See and Everything In Between.)


Refunds: Due to the instant nature of this digital product we have a "no refund policy'. All Sales are Final . Price Is Subject To Change At Any Time. Price Is Currently $27.00 (USD); which gets you immediate access to the Paid To Vacation blueprint, software, checklist and travelers guide; so you are literally minutes away from starting your own home based travel business! Save it to your hard drive, read it and/or print it out. If you do not agree to our refund policy, please don't purchase!

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